Palm leaf manuscripts offer a new challenge in document image analysis system due to the physical characteristics and conditions of the manuscripts. The palm leaf manuscripts contain discoloured parts and artefacts due to aging and low intensity variations or poor contrast, random noises, and fading. Several deformations in the character shapes are visible due to the merges and fractures of the use of nonstandard fonts, varying space between letters, and varying space between lines.


In this competition, three different challenges in document analysis of balinese palm leaf manuscript images are proposed :

  • Challenge 1 : Binarization of Palm Leaf Manuscript Images
  • Challenge 2 : Query-by-Example Word Spotting on Palm Leaf Manuscript Images
  • Challenge 3 : Isolated Character Recognition of Balinese Script in Palm Leaf Manuscript Images

All researchers are invited to participate in one or more challenges described in the corresponding sections.