The manuscript collections are the sample images of the Balinese manuscripts from Bali, Indonesia, and the Khmer manuscripts from Cambodia.

A. Balinese manuscript

In order to obtain the variety of the manuscript images, the sample images used in this competition come from 23 different collections (contents), randomly selected from all collections found in 5 different locations as follows [4] :
1.    Museum of Gedong Kertya (10 collections), City of Singaraja, Regency of Buleleng, North Bali, Indonesia.
2.    Museum Bali (4 collections), City of Denpasar, Regency of Denpasar, South Bali, Indonesia.
3.    Private family collection from Village of Jagaraga (7 collections), Regency of Buleleng, North Bali, Indonesia.
4.    Private family collection from Village of Susut (1 collection), Regency of Bangli, West Bali, Indonesia.
5.    Private family collection from Village of Rendang (1 collection), Regency of Karangasem, West Bali, Indonesia.

B. Khmer manuscript

The Khmer palm leaf manuscripts images were collected from three sources consisting of 49 collections of different image qualities and digitization methods. We obtained some already digitized manuscripts from the Buddhist Institute (one collection), and the National Library in Phnom Penh (35 collections). The rest of the manuscript images come from our own digitization campaign to various Buddhist temples in three locations in Cambodia: Kandal (2 collections), Phnom Penh (2 collections), and Siem Reap (9 collections). Approximately one to five pages are randomly chosen from each collection.
The datasets which are used for each track in this competition will be described more specifically in the next section.